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World Of Color Update and Better Together Update for Minecraft

Main features of World Of Color Update

of Minecraft

After months of development versions, the version 1.12, called “World Of Color Update” is finally available! Thanks to it, you’ll get a wide range of new blocks, recipe books and parrots!

Together, we will also see the specifics of the “Better Together update”. This update was announced at the big E3 2017 event. This update allows us to make the console, mobile and Windows 10 versions compatible. Let’s take a look at this in more detail. However, you can check out our test on Minecraft to get back into the swing of things before reading this article.

  • Additions and changes to blocks: Version 1.12 features various coloured blocks, all of which are available in sixteen colours.
  • Added coloured beds: The player will be able to colour them in sixteen different colours using the workbench. In addition, it is also possible to colour a white bed in order to change its colour. Unfortunately, it is not possible to recolour a bed that has already been coloured.
  • As far as creatures are concerned, we note the addition of a new flying animal with the Parrot. You will find these in the Jungles. They have up to five different plumages.
  • And finally, as far as gameplay is concerned, we note the addition of a recipe book listing all the different recipes. The latter can be accessed by simply clicking on the green book in the workbench and in the inventory.

Minecraft blocs colorés

Listing of the Better Together update additions

Here is a listing of the many additions brought by the Better Together update of Minecraft:

  • Various tinted windows;
  • Fireworks as well as the possibility of boosting its flight in Elytra;
  • Parrots ;
  • Banners ;
  • Armour carriers;
  • Jukebox and music CDs;
  • Various recipe books;
  • Various blank books;
  • Crevices ;
  • Barren land ;
  • Egg for zombie villagers;
  • Options for starting a world. Among them are the start card, the bonus chest and the trusted player (who grants permissions to gamers);
  • Two new gamerules: TNT explodes and Natural Regeneration;
  • New command offering the possibility to design continuously updated zones without the presence of gamers;
  • New features in the management of gamer permissions;
  • Various in-game hosting options;
  • New loading screens with a multitude of game tips;
  • New “How to Play” screen;
  • Obtaining structure blocks. In addition, you will be able to arrange them in the Microsoft 3D Remix;
  • Possibility to get a split screen on consoles;
  • And finally, new features in the world conversion.

Listing of changes to the Better Together update

Here is a listing of changes from the Better Together update of Minecraft:

  • From now on, blaze powder will be mandatory in the alchemy booths;
  • Ice blocks are now completely transparent;
  • Maps are now held in the secondary hand and reveal the gamer’s head as a dynamic map on Java;
  • Location maps now follow the position of the map owner;
  • Worlds can be set to either “Invitation Only”, “Friends Only” or “Friends to Friends”;
  • Various changes made directly to the gamer interface;
  • Redesign of the key assignments and a new “grab an item” function on the controllers;
  • Cloud rendering and leaves can be modified via the video settings;
  • Another interesting point: Chat messages can be muted;
  • Picked up items are animated in the main Minecraft bar;
  • And finally, tinted windows and banners are present in the End cities.
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