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Class mounts in World of Warcraft!

With the Legion expansion, class mounts are coming to World of Warcraft in 2017! This puts classes back at the heart of World of Warcraft gameplay. Here are a number of examples of how Blizzard has unlocked class mounts that have been waiting for years: prodigious weapons for each class, class domains and class campaigns. Read our review of World of Warcraft here!

From now on, each class (and even each specialisation for some of them) will have its own mount. This mount turns out to be flying and linked to the gamer’s account. It should be noted that once the class mount is unlocked, it is accessible to all the characters of the class concerned in the same account. The game will be available to all players of the same class on the same account. However, before you can ride around Azeroth on your beautiful mount, you will have to unlock it.

But how do you get them?

Class mounts can be acquired through a quest starting in the class area. This quest is only available to gamers who have unlocked the “Conquest of the Grave” achievement. This is undoubtedly the least easy phase. As a reminder, this high-fact had seen the light of day at the end of March 2017 with the appearance of patch 7.2 (which was originally intended to be a prerequisite offering the possibility of unlocking flying in the Broken Isles before Blizzard simplified the method of accessing flying mounts in the new zones of Legion). As such, it takes the form of a series of various quests that unlock over the course of 11 successive weeks (running from March 29 to June 6). These quests replay the battle against the invading Burning Legion.

On 6 June 2017, the final stage was unlocked, giving you the opportunity to confirm the achievement as well as unlocking the quest to lead to your class mount. Once you have the achievement, an automatic quest offers the possibility to unlock the mount. Finally, Blizzard is illustrating each of these new mounts with artwork to motivate gamers.

A World of Warcraft cookbook!

Stop barbecuing! Here’s the perfect guide to cooking up the best meals possible: the World of Warcraft cookbook!

Available for €35, this 200-page book features incredible recipes such as chicken skewers with peanuts and Grandpa Winter’s beer.

Create a feast fit for a warlord with World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook. This is a collection of recipes inspired by the game. It features both Alliance and Horde favorites. As such, this authoritative super guide will teach master chef apprentices how to conjure up a menu of dishes and drinks from all four zones of Azeroth.

You can buy Destiny 2 with WoW money!

The token, which was first introduced in 2015 on WoW, offers the opportunity to acquire game time. Over time, this token has evolved into a real currency. Indeed, a token costs X gold coins on WoW and is worth Vint euros. This allows the gamer for example recently to acquire boosters on Hearthstone. So, with the arrival of the game Destiny on the Blizzard Application, gamers will be able to do exactly the same in order to play the game of Bungie.

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