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Our opinion on Cloud Pirates and its gameplay

Cloud Pirates is a Free-to-Play MMORPG that has not been released yet. It was named Allods Online in Russia and no release date has been announced yet. It is still possible to test the game. So, if you love steampunk style, you can enjoy Cloud Pirates with the first players from planet Earth.

Possessing the same characteristics as the steampunk world of Allods Online, Cloud Pirates was unveiled as an aerial combat MMORPG. Its concept is an opposition between cohorts of flying ships. There are two factions: One uses magic and the other uses technology. Thus, the gamer can choose one of them. Then, he will have to rally a crew of flying ships, in an environment of hostile confrontations where dozens and dozens of ships can fight each other.

In addition, the ships can be customised with different modules and equipment. These will significantly improve the performance of the ship, its weapons or its various options. It will even be possible to add self-destruct systems to your ship. However, the strategic aspect is strongly emphasised as each ship can only have a maximum of 3 modules at the same time. Thus, the gamer will be forced to make choices, notably according to his teammates.

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The main features of Cloud Pirates

Cloud Pirates is first and foremost a qualitative and fast gameplay. Compared to Allods Online, the ships in Cloud Pirates move faster and are much more dynamic. Indeed, they can move in all possible directions. The gamer will be able to perform actions such as diving or gaining altitude in order to avoid a salvo of enemy attacks.

In addition, it is also possible to use energy shields to take more damage. Another action you can perform is to flee when the battle is not going well. Another detail concerning gameplay and combat is that each ship can reappear twenty seconds after being destroyed, so that all gamers can participate in the entire game.

There are four game modes. Each of them takes place on a specific map. However, the maps are far too cluttered with debris. However, thanks to them, you can hide or attempt ambushes, for example.

The 4 modes available in Cloud Pirates are the following:

  • Capture point ;
  • Caravans ;
  • Cursed treasure ;
  • Dreadnoughts

Our conclusion on Cloud Pirates

Cloud Pirates focuses on two aspects. The first one concerns the tactical choices. Indeed, the customization of its ships as well as the formation of fleets is one of the big strengths of the game. The second is the strategic aspect and the team play, which allows the coordination of gamers within the air battle. However, the graphics are more than average.

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