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Dofus Update 2.42: End-game dungeon nerfs

In order to offer qualitative content to gamers who “finished” the game a long time ago, Ankama offers Frigost 3 and its much more complicated dungeons. The aim is to reveal content with a minimum of life span by means of a certain difficulty. Thus, gamers will have to take time to defeat all the different bosses proposed.

The worst thing is that today the situation has been reversed. Indeed, the criticisms about the lack of high-level content in Ankama’s famous game have been replaced by criticisms about the overemphasis on the latter.

Overall, here are the end-game dungeon nerfs on offer:

  • Delete or replace mechanics;
  • Restrict certain effects.

Like Chaloeil, the Vortex is of high difficulty and thus deserves a nerf.

  • Easier to understand and anticipate monsters;
  • Optimization of the visibility of several effects: For example, against the Queen of Thieves, the bomb which will explode at the end of the turn of the current character will be shown thanks to an icon.

Dofus Update 2.42 : Sidimote redesign

One of the most important and expected points of this update are the Sidimote redesign, even if many would have preferred the Pandala redesign. In any case, the Sidimote redesign is the logical continuation of the Cania redesign. It must be said that the empty and monotonous content of this area allowed the creativity of the team in charge of this update to be highlighted. This is why this area has been optimised with a multitude of sub-zones ranging from level 40 to 200. In addition, there are two new dungeons and two new zaap.

All of Sidimote’s zones have been revised, including Gisgoul. This is a ravaged village that looks really devastated and occupied by the Bworker’s henchmen, whose dungeon runs through the heart of the village. The current dungeons have been revised in more or less detail, such as the Brumen Tinctorias Laboratory, which has moved to the new zone: Sidimote’s Desolation, the Canid dungeon and the Fungus Cavern. In addition, you will be able to see a volcano on the map of the area. However, it is currently inaccessible and will certainly appear in a future update.

Dofus Update 2.42: Class Balancing

The update also dwells on the balancing of the classes. So, let’s start with the case of the Emerald dofus, used by many and which imposes itself as a pvp must-have. Not everything is listed, but here are the main updates:

  • Emerald Dofus: at the end of the turn, there are now four % of VP added in shield points, and this for each enemy in contact. In addition, it should be noted that summonses are no longer counted.
  • Cras: Back Arrow: AP cost reduced from four to three; base damage increased by 10%, no longer damages allies.
  • Osamodas: Symbiosis: Optimised re-roll interval: one to two turns. Uginak: Carcass: Spell damage bonus restricted to levels five and six: 4.5 to 3.4.
  • Rogue: Remission: Restricted reroll interval: three to two.
  • Sacrier: Punishments: Relaunch intervals are increased by one turn at all levels.
  • Zobal: Retention: Optimised stacking limit: two
  • Oppermage: Elemental Drain: Basic damage reduced by approximately thirty percent and thirty-five percent critical.
  • Close Combat: Koutoulou’s Bow: Pa cost optimised: four to five.

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