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Our opinion on Echo Of Soul and its gameplay

Echo Of Soul was released in 2013 in South Korea and a year later in China. As for France, it was released in May 2015 after a closed beta period.

This MMORPG is meant to be unifying and offers gamers to easily express their play style. This applies to single player dungeons, guild battles and PvP (player versus player) maps. The focus of this MMORPG is on high-level PvE (player vs. environment) and PvP battles. This way, you can avoid endless grind sessions.

In the end, this game is not daring, nor original. That’s why Echo Of Soul doesn’t really stand out in a market that is already extremely saturated. So, even if it will be highly enjoyable in the short term, it will be more complicated in the long term.

The main features of Echo Of Soul

  • Graphics: Echo of Soul holds its own in terms of graphics and design. The MMORPG is ultimately very resource efficient. So it can easily run on machines without any problems. Another important point concerns the art direction. On this aspect, Echo of Soul lacks a lot of personality, mainly in relation to the characters. Indeed, they are completely unoriginal and look like déjà vu with all the other MMORPGs on the market.
  • Gameplay : In this MMORPG, experience is gained quickly, even for solo gamers. So, in this game, the full flavour of the game comes when the maximum level is reached. This is why Echo Of Soul stands out from other Korean MMORPGs. The latter mainly focus on complicated grind and endless levelling sessions. This MMORPG spares gamers this time-consuming step, preferring to focus on high-level battles and dungeons.
  • Secondary activities: Echo of Soul’s activities and side quests are diverse and above all accessible. In addition, you will be able to specialise in one of the 3 professions offered. These are: scavenger, alchemist or jeweller.
  • Scenario: Unfortunately, the story is a bit too linear. It is your character’s main storyline and this will unfortunately never change during the game.

Our conclusion on Echo Of Soul

The MMORPGs that come out every year are literally saturating the free-to-play market. Thus, it becomes more and more complicated to innovate and to stand out from the crowd. That’s why instead of wanting originality above all, this MMORPG unfortunately doesn’t take any risks, and you will certainly have a feeling of déjà vu when you start this game. The purpose of Echo Of Soul is to bring together different kinds of players. The MMORPG wants to meet the expectations of all of them. Despite all this, Echo Of Soul is an enjoyable title, taking its flavour from the high levels.

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