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Our opinion on Star Wars: The Old Republic and the gameplay

A major project released in 2011, Star Wars: The Old Republic is developed by Bioware and published by EA Games. It is a free-to-play MMORPG set in the Star Wars universe. The events of the game take place 3,500 years before George Lucas’ films, and 300 years after Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, already developed by Bioware.

Let’s start this test with the wrapping of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Released 6 years ago, the game is a bit old in terms of graphics. But if the textures are now a bit droopy, the Star Wars art direction does not disappoint. The environments are varied, there are many different faces, and the atmosphere is unique. The soundtrack is a monument of the genre. Of course, we find the fabulous orchestrations of John Williams, but also several hours of music specially composed for the software. The French dubbing is also of high quality.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is extremely scripted. Bioware wanted to make it an enjoyable MMORPG for the solo player, and it works. The number of dialogues per quest is impressive, especially since there is no shortage of NPCs.

Before starting your adventure, you will have to choose between the Empire and the Republic. Be aware that this choice will determine a lot of things later on. Indeed, the main adventure will be different depending on your orientation.

Creating your avatar in Star Wars: The Old Republic

First of all, you will have to select your character’s race. Between human, cyborg, zabrak, twi’lek, mirialan, miraluka, sith, chiss and rattataki, the possibilities are numerous. Next, you will need to define your class. Both the Empire and the Republic have 4 distinct classes that benefit from 3 talent trees. They can then be divided into 2 sub-classes. From level 10 onwards, you will have the opportunity to choose between 2 specialisations. There is no need to focus on performance, each build has its own strengths and weaknesses.

On a purely aesthetic level, it must be admitted that each race already lays the foundations of your avatar with marked features. However, you can still influence its appearance with a varied colour scheme, and some additional options to make it unique. Nothing crazy, but we appreciate the approach.

Choice is everything

Choice has always been one of Bioware’s driving forces, through KOTOR, Mass Effect or Dragon Age. The developer strikes a blow by implementing this dimension in an MMORPG. In many quests in Star Wars: The Old Republic, it is possible to make choices. These choices will directly influence an alignment system, dictated by your decisions.

You can also choose a partner to accompany you on your adventure. It is possible to send him/her on a mission in exchange for money; he/she will bring you items or equipment while you are offline. Your actions and dialogues with your sidekick influence his relationship with you, but do not affect his performance on the field.

Star Wars: The Old Republic extras

When you think of Star Wars, you quickly make the connection with spaceships. A fact that has not been forgotten in Star Wars: The Old Republic, even if it turns out to be rather basic. After passing a few levels, you will have a ship at your disposal to go from planet to planet. Frustration: you won’t pilot it directly, except during some rail shooter phases that act as a cover.

On the multiplayer side, there is no shortage of content. You can take part in “War Zone” battles, PvP confrontations that are played in 8v8. It is also possible to participate in 8 or 16 player raids. The most interesting feature is probably the “Dispute Zone”, a dungeon that can be played by 4 players. It can also be played by two players, if each player brings a partner.

Our conclusion on Star Wars: The Old Republic

What can we say about Star Wars: The Old Republic? Simply that it has revolutionised the world of MMORPGs. Bioware has done a remarkable job: great art direction, a huge soundtrack and a great choice system. The character creation is provided, and we will only regret a few gameplay ideas left too much in suspension, like the piloting of spaceships.

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