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Our opinion on Hero Zero and its gameplay

In Hero Zero, you will have the role of a loser whose only goal is to become a hero adulated and loved. This MMO on browser is above all a management game with random battles. You will have to develop a character over the long term so that he becomes a real war machine fighting for the weakest.

You will have to start the game by customising your appearance and your avatar. Then you will have to train to be ready for various missions. You will have to go through the city and help the inhabitants by eliminating all the vermin in the area. The threats will be varied as there can be youngsters as well as the more serious crooks.

Hero Zero incorporates various ways to interact with other gamers in the RPG. For example, it will be possible to use the messaging service with chats or a message board to communicate with the game community. Another interesting aspect is that you can group your friends and do missions in cooperation mode.

The main features of Hero Zero

  • Handling and content: The game is easy to handle. In just a few minutes you will know everything there is to know. Each mission will allow you to obtain silver coins as well as experience. The missions will be varied and gradual according to your evolution. For example, the first missions could be as simple as rescuing dogs. As you can see, the game world is fun and quite crazy. The fluidity of the MMO is in any case very interesting, giving the possibility to spend energy points to complete various missions, regain strength or even work.
  • Graphics: Hero Zero’s great cartoon graphics are more than nice! Indeed, they are really well done and designed in a really well thought out fun and cartoonish universe. The characters, as well as the other elements of the game, are also extremely well done.
  • Playability: Playing this MMO is a pure joy even if there are some weak points to note. In this game, you will have to mix missions, training and work perfectly. In addition, a shop offers the possibility to buy various equipment. We regret that battles are a little too long and that the game is a little linear. The interface is also very pleasant.
  • Community: The Hero Zero community has literally exploded in recent times. Indeed, the game attracts more and more people because of its gameplay, its design and its original aspect. The community is especially active in the guilds called “teams” in the MMO. They allow players to fight with each other, to help each other and to communicate.

Our conclusion on Hero Zero

The main strength of Hero Zero is its excellent cartoon graphics. Also, the characters are fun, attractive and comical. In addition, you can easily gather a small group of gamers to create a team. Finally, Hero Zero is an excellent game even if we regret its length and linearity.

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