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Our opinion on Dark Orbit and its gameplay

DarkOrbit is playable via browser in free-to-play. This MMO will be for you a totally unique experience. This game is a RTS (real time strategy game) of conquest and a shoot them up. That’s why it will delight many players.

This game is all about originality. In this MMO, there have been changes on the planet that have forced our civilisation to live on other planets. Afterwards, new resources were discovered that could be exploited, and this led to the creation of 3 companies. Obviously, humans have taken too much advantage of these various resources and that’s why the different companies are waging war to exploit this real treasure to the maximum.

You will start DarkOrbit as a young pilot. After choosing a company, you will be sent by this company to search for resources for the war.

The main features of DarkOrbit

In DarkOrbit, the quests consist of obtaining various resources or destroying various enemies. It is through these that the gamer will obtain rewards, equipment and higher ranks. For example, it will be possible to obtain different weapons, ammunition or even generators. There are two types of generators: shield generators and propulsion generators. The first type is used to absorb damage to the spaceship and the second type is used to increase the cruising speed of the ship. This way, you will have a better chance of dodging enemy attacks.

Finally, the big weakness of DarkOrbit is the inequality between players. Indeed, if a gamer has opted for a premium account (the latter being bought with real money), he does not pay for repairs and has a higher quality of uridium than other gamers. In addition, it is important to know that the best ships are bought with uridium, just like weapons, and not with credits. Thus, the price of uridium does not put all players on an equal footing.

Another unfortunate point is that there is no customisation at start-up, like for the avatar for example. The lack of a tutorial also makes the gamer’s first steps on DarkOrbit complicated.

Our conclusion on DarkOrbit

In the end, DarkOrbit is a real success even if it suffers from several big deficiencies. It is an original, relevant and enjoyable condensation of a multitude of game types in this genre. The game is original and not redundant, especially thanks to its large palette of ships. However, the gameplay proves to be limited far too quickly and other defects are also to be noted such as the absence of a tutorial. Last detail, it should be noted that since 2014, DarkOrbit is now called DarkOrbit Reloaded.

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