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Our opinion on Elsword and its gameplay

Unlike many classic MMOs, Elsword has a fun, original and immersive storyline. You will start by playing as a character created from scratch. This character will evolve in a detailed background. You will have to make a choice concerning your hero. You will have to choose between several characters. Here are their names: Rena, Aisha, Raven, Eve and Chung. Each of these different heroes has its own story as well as its links with the other protagonists. Obviously, the character’s graphics and playability is also unique to itself. Finally, this system does not reduce the gamer’s immersion in Elsword. It is much closer to a console game and the attachment to the characters in the game is great. This is what makes the MMO original and you will be both an actor and a spectator of the game. In addition, the dubbing is quite good and the storyline well thought out.

The main features of Elsword

  • Playability: The beat’em all concept with the RPG aspect works perfectly. To do an attack or a spell is associated with a key. Thus, by making the right key associations, it will be possible to send violent attacks in the direction of your enemies. In short, an immediate pleasure for a very exciting game.
  • Graphics: Elsword has fairly average graphics. This is indeed the main weakness of this MMO. Unfortunately, the good work of the artists does not make up for its shortcomings. The environments, on the other hand, turn out to be shiny. Anyway, it’s been an extremely long time since an MMO has used a sub-GHz processor in its minimum system requirements!
  • Soundtrack: The music in the MMO is rich and pleasant. You can find songs with gothic overtones as well as metal. In the end, the soundtrack is catchy and supports the action perfectly. There is one small problem with the dialogue, however, as not all of it is dubbed. However, the quality of the dubbing is well and truly present.
  • Lifespan: Elsword integrates a qualitative and solid content. The lifespan is correct with dozens and dozens of hours of play. The only downside is the redundancy of the levels. Indeed, you will have to complete them 2 or 3 times before moving on to the next level.
  • Scenario: The scenario is neither a weak nor a strong point of the game. The main storyline concerns the quest for a crystal. In short, not the most important point in this MMO.

Our conclusion on Elsword

Despite various small flaws, Elsword is definitely one of the best free-to-play games. Its main strengths are its addictive gameplay and clean design. Another quality point is that it has a very good French localisation. So, for just over a gigabyte of download, the fun and immersive world of Elsword can be yours!

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