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Our opinion on Runes Of Magic and its gameplay

Runes Of Magic is a Free To Play game set in a Medieval Fantasy universe. In Runes of Magic, you will embody a character that you can develop to your liking, as well as his physical appearance and the skills you wish to give him. You can then set off to explore the game world and gain experience. Experience is gained by killing creatures and completing quests. This game is similar to a single player role-playing game, only you will share your adventure with thousands of other players. As you can see, Runes of Magic is a free-to-play game based on the same universe as the famous World of Warcraft. In short, an MMORPG to try!

The main features of Runes of Magic

  • The world of Runes of Magic is populated by different territories that you can traverse as you level up. Some of the main territory names are: Coast of Opportunity, Xaviera, Mordrakan Ridge, Howling Mountains, Aslan Valley, Red Mountains, Limon Desert and others. Each territory brings with it interesting towns and places, as well as instances.
  • Characters and their classes: You can choose to play as one of several different races. Indeed, you can join humans, elves or dwarves. Each race has one or more classes. Indeed, if you decide to be a human, you can play as a warrior, a mage, a thief, a knight, a scout or a priest. If you choose to be an elf, you can be a warrior, a mage, a thief, a sentry, a druid or a scout. And if you choose to be a dwarf, you can be a warrior, mage, thief, priest, champion or wizard.
  • Crafting: If you’re tired of playing the life of a hero, you can also work in crafting. You could be an alchemist, armourer, blacksmith, cook, seamstress, woodworker, lumberjack, miner or herbalist. You will collect raw materials which you will use in your profession to make special items. These items can be useful in your adventure.

Our conclusion on Runes of Magic

To conclude, Runes of Magic published by Gameforge is a double-edged game. It uses tried and tested features but they lack originality. For this reason, it is likely to split its audience. On the one hand, MMORPG enthusiasts may be turned off by a copy of Worlf of Warcraft, while on the other hand, newcomers will be attracted by the free-to-play aspect of the game. There is only one thing to do in this situation: Make up your own mind by trying the game!

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