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Our opinion on Star Conflict and its gameplay

Star Confict is a game in which you will embody a pilot of military vehicles of the 20th century. You will take the controls of state-of-the-art ships. The game is on the borderline between an action MMO/FPS and a flight simulation. Indeed, this game sends the player directly into a Science Fiction universe. The objective of this game is of course to win as many battles as possible. You can choose between a PvP and a PvE game.

This gameplay Star Conflict is a free-to-play Space Action MMO, easy to learn. Let’s discover the main features of this game.

The main features of Star Conflict

  • Factions: When you first enter the game, you will have to choose between three main factions: Empire, Federation and Jericho. These include two sub-factions. Each faction has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as its own technology tree. Choosing one faction over another will determine the type of contracts you will have to complete to earn money, reputation points and unlock new technologies.
  • Combat: There are two types of combat: PvP combat and PvE combat. PvE combat is less exciting, but it will allow you to earn money and to get a feel for the game, before moving on to PvP combat: player versus player. In this other battle mode, you can diversify your sessions by choosing between different types of games: domination, point capture, detonation, etc.
  • Primary” weapons: Star Conflict allows you to use different types of weapons in battle. Indeed, there are three basic types of weapons. Lasers, which cause very little damage but have excellent accuracy. Railguns have good accuracy, a decent rate of fire and do a respectable amount of damage. However, they are ineffective against the shields of the opposing ship. Plasma Guns are not very effective against hull plating, but they quickly damage enemy shields. As you can see, each weapon has a specific use.

Our conclusion on Star Conflict

Star Conflict, developed by Gaijin Entertainment, is a very well-made game. Indeed, it offers a very decent free-to-play experience, although it could be improved. It offers various game modes, with many possibilities to optimize your ship. As far as the handling is concerned, it is simple and efficient and remains strategic at a higher level. The graphics are excellent. Negative point: the interface which is still not very intuitive.

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