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Our opinion on Farmerama and its gameplay

First of all, this browser game does not require any prior installation. In Farmerama, the concept is simple. Indeed, you just have to choose the kind of plantation and the place. Then, you have to plant seeds and water them in order to harvest them later. In the free MMO, there are different types of crops that are possible such as wheat, lettuce or carrots. Obviously, they do not have the same needs and some may be more difficult to grow than others. For livestock, it’s exactly the same thing: you can choose chickens or rabbits, for example, which will have to be raised perfectly. Each breed will require specific and precise treatment. For crops, you must first make sure that you have the seeds for the desired crop. You will have to use water from your water tower to irrigate. As for the livestock, you will have to go to the city to get animal shelters. In short, the game is progressive, interesting and strategic.

The main features of Farmerama

  • Quests : In order to avoid the routine of farming, Farmerama allows you to perform various quests. These are varied, from intensive resource production to decorating your own field. NPCs (for non-player characters) will sometimes give you orders, and it will be up to you to give them full satisfaction. These various quests allow you to gain experience and currency in order to obtain an optimal production. Another original point, Farmerama also allows the gamer to turn a wheel that gives various bonuses.
  • Playability: The concept of Farmerama is simple and effective: Indeed, you just have to develop your farm as well as possible. To do this, you will have to use the seeds at your disposal. Afterwards, you will obviously have to buy more. In addition, you should know that each level gives access to new resources. Other points, you will also have a water reserve and manure at the beginning of the MMO management. You will also have super fertilizer to make your plants grow very quickly. Finally, concerning the animals, super food will be there to feed them.
  • Handling: Farmerama is easy to handle. Indeed, by means of a playful and really well designed tutorial, the gamer will be able to start the management game quietly. A simple left click is all it takes to give you access to what you want. Everything in the game is direct and instinctive, from the design of a field to the harvest.

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Our conclusion on Farmerama

To conclude, Farmerama is an excellent farm management and breeding MMO, even if it is a bit greedy, which leads to the presence of some bugs. You can play it via a browser, and from any computer.

Farmerama is quick and easy to learn, thanks to a tutorial and an active community. Last but not least, we advise you not to opt for the paid features as they are of little interest.

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