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The opinion on Dofus and its gameplay

The scenario of Dofus is direct puts quickly in the bath. The main plot concerns the Dofus, which are dragon eggs containing a gigantic power. They have been scattered throughout the game universe. Your goal is to find the 6 artefacts and match the strength of the gods. There are 12 gods, representing the various classes in the MMORPG.

So, Dofus is an incredible universe full of different characters, quests, fantasy elements and unique places like the legendary city of Astrub. In Dofus, your character will have to overcome various quests, level up skills in a world of legends and spells in order to possess the dragon eggs. But the story is obviously not only about dragons, even if they are one of the main themes of the game.

The characteristics of Dofus

  • Story and universe: The novelized story of Dofus is filled with a multitude of details that can please many people. In this huge universe, there are obviously some classic things: monsters, treasures to collect, wonders to discover or even a storyline about dragons. However, the story and the universe are really qualitative.
  • Daily updates: One of the strengths of Dofus are its daily updates. The last one is the 2.42, which brings its big list of novelties and modifications. For example, this update features new nerfs for end-game dungeons, a redesign of Sidimote, and class balancing.
  • Gameplay and gameplay: The specificity of Dofus is obviously in its gameplay. Indeed, it is one of the only MMO Tactical RPGs to be played in turn-based mode, and in 2D! The game is played the old fashioned way with 2 stages. The first one where the gamer is in an isometric view universe, with a map by map display that offers the possibility to easily find your way. The monsters are present on all the maps, in groups of various levels. In this stage, the gamer can chat or do various jobs such as trading. The second stage is the combat phase, in the manner of a classic T-RPG, the action takes place on a checkerboard. On the latter, the choice of the starting position is free within the restriction of the places given to your team.
  • Graphics and sounds: As far as the graphics are concerned, there is nothing to say! It’s beautiful, enchanting and colourful. The atmosphere of each area is perfect, like the exotic beaches of Otomai Island for example. Finally, the soundtrack is really well done in order to blend in perfectly with each situation. A small point to regret: The lack of a particular theme for some bosses.

Our conclusion on Dofus

With its recent update, Dofus has rearmed itself well to counter the tough competition, and does so in an optimal and successful way. Original visuals, corrected features, captivating gameplay: In short, the ingredients are there. Of course, the universe can be familiar and the desire for novelty is always there. Moreover, it is for this reason that AnkamaStudios released Wakfu. However, Dofus is not left out, and its great richness still makes the competition pale in comparison! So, don’t hesitate to download Dofus thanks to top-mmorpg.

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