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Our opinion on Big Farm and its gameplay

BigFarm is a browser game where registration is extremely fast. To teach you all the tricks of the farm management, a farmer will coach you in the fields of crops, animal production and crafts. To begin with, you will have to manage a very small farm. Your first tasks will be harvesting corn, managing plantations, managing staff and harvesting.

You will have to be careful because for any of your projects, you will have to perfectly evaluate the cost and the number of workers who will have to take care of the realization and the design of the different tasks. You should therefore preferably opt for low-cost plantations that require little manpower.

So, Big Farm is a no-fuss game that you can play for free. However, everything is designed for gamers to spend money.

The main features of BigFarm

The game is very easy to use. When you first start playing BigFarm, all you have to do is let yourself be guided and take on the challenges that come your way. Interactivity is a great strength of the game as you can form a partnership with other players to make a cooperative or chat.

As for the design, it is very neat and uncluttered. Indeed, the graphics are detailed.

In addition, you can buy items or even speed up time, since BigFarm is a game that works with time. Indeed, in order to finish the game faster, you will have to put your hand in your wallet, for example to build a building or to harvest. This is why it is unfortunate that everything in BigFarm is done to pay more and to use Golds (the game currency).

Indeed the financial pressure is continuous, and a multitude of offers will come to you each time you log in. In addition, all offers/promotions are limited in time, giving you even more pressure to buy.

Another point is that if you don’t buy this virtual currency, it will be simply impossible for you to compete and be on equal footing in the various competitions with the “golfers”. Another notable concern in this game is the lack of confirmation when spending Gold. Thus, you can unfortunately waste this virtual currency and it will be totally impossible to ask for a refund afterwards.

Our conclusion on BigFarm

BigFarm uses a concept closer to reality, which allows it to stand out. The gameplay is natural, with an easy grip. The graphics are very well done, and the colours are deep and well done. The well detailed and explicit tutorial will also be useful for the gamer who can’t find his bearings. Finally, it should be noted that BigFarm is entirely in French.

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