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Our opinion on Skyforge and its gameplay

Developed by Allods Team in collaboration with Obsidian Entertainment, Skyforge made a remarkable entrance in 2015. While this MMORPG was originally a pay-to-win game, it is now entirely free-to-play. The game takes place on the planet Aelion, once ruled by a powerful god who depended on his followers. Now without a deity to rule it, Aelion is dying, coveted by terrible gods. Your role will be to become the new god capable of protecting the planet. Quite a challenge!

The fantastic universe of Skyforge leaves you dreaming. The 3D is sublime, the environments varied and the interface very successful. Moreover, the software displays an exemplary fluidity for an MMORPG of this quality. On the other hand, the navigation in the various menus leaves something to be desired, and everything that stems from the social interactions suffers. Still on the subject of packaging, the soundtrack is tasteless and struggles to transport the player.

Once the game is launched, you will of course have to create your character. The customisation of your avatar is quite advanced, and all kinds of crazy things are possible. You will then have to choose between different classes. You should know that these classes are spread over 3 levels. First, the basic classes: Cryomancer, Paladin, Lumancian. Then, the intermediate classes: Kinetic, Archer, Necromancer, Assassin. Finally, the advanced classes: Artilleryman, Monk, Knight, Wizard, Berserker, Alchemist. Many combinations are possible, and as you can only own one character per account, you can switch from one class to another in seconds.

No levels in Skyforge

Forget about the traditional RPG levels. In Skyforge, your character’s rank is indicated by a Prestige value, which is increased by using power sparks. These are simply obtained by completing quests. In addition to Prestige, there is also Technique, which determines your avatar’s ability to carry more or less powerful equipment.

You will develop your hero via the Atlas of Ascension, a skill tree that takes the form of a spherical tree. It is divided into two parts: one dedicated to your character’s current class, the other more general. Each node of the spherical tree increases a statistic, grants a talent or improves an ability.

Skyforge’s gameplay is very dynamic. The combo system is done with the mouse, the left and right clicks corresponding to different moves. The battles are fun and fast-paced, fortunately because the missions are very repetitive. Each class has a specific finish move, staged with class.

In multiplayer, a pantheon system (very similar to guilds) allows you to join with other players to gain easier access to high-level content. There is no shortage of PvP modes. Arenas in 3v3, 8v8 or 12v12 are accessible in different game modes: point capture, convoy to accompany or flag capture.

A god among insects

Skyforge offers a different experience from other MMORPGs thanks to a god system. As a new god, you will have to manage your cult. You will have to build new religious buildings and recruit new faces to go and preach the good word in the four corners of the world. NPCs who join your ranks can be sent on missions to bring back different bonuses. A more than interesting facet of the game, but unfortunately only developed by the best.

A final word on the advantages of investing real money in Skyforge. The complete content of the game is accessible by playing for free. Paying will only help you to progress faster, which is of course not mandatory.

Our conclusion on Skyforge

The baby of Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment is beautifully made. Despite a weak soundtrack and messy menus, its beautiful graphics and nervous gameplay have everything to seduce. With its Prestige system and the management of your followers, Skyforge is also very original. A must try.

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