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Our opinion on Drakensang Online and its gameplay

Drakensang Online is a title released in France in 2012. It is a fabulous mix between a fantasy and dark universe, and a hack’n’slash MMO style. It is available via the browser and is PVE (player vs. environment) and PVP (player vs. player) oriented. This MMO is a cooperative game where the gamer will have to show strength and agility. He will have to use his powers to eliminate various enemies as well as the evil dragon of Altera. This game is directly inspired by the great MMO World of Warcraft. Drakensang Online reveals a wonderful medieval heroic-fantasy world that is divided into 12 distinct regions. However, updates are regular and this can change quickly. The game world, which is the universe of Duria, offers you the chance to shape your character’s destiny as you travel through the lands of the former Empire. These are beautiful places that are now haunted or huge dungeons.

The main features of Drakensang Online

  • Playability: The ease of use is one of Drakensang Online’s great strengths. The game’s interface is extremely qualitative with retractable panels and a large palette of shortcuts. However, the low number of talents is a major regret. This makes the gameplay far too redundant.
  • Graphics: Drakensang Online is simply an incredible technical achievement. It is simply one of the most beautiful games on the web, with an excellent engine and a unique graphic style, even better than its predecessors.
  • Lifespan: In addition to its quality content, this MMO is regularly enriched by means of regular updates. For example, new features such as guilds and group dungeons have recently been introduced. However, the lack of classes available in the game is greatly regretted.
  • Soundtrack: The sound is one of the positive points of Drakensang Online. The musical themes are epic and correspond well to the game’s universe. They offer extremely qualitative environmental sounds perfectly.
  • Quests: The background of the game is hardly used. Most of the time, the concept remains classic, but the quests have the merit of being there and are provided with a multitude of humorous features.

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Our conclusion on Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online had all the weapons in hand to be the reference hack’n slash? Indeed, it has an incredible aesthetic and titanic battles. However, the content has an air of déjà vu. Another point, the character development is quite disappointing. However, these few flaws are nothing compared to the game’s business model. Indeed, the latter completely devours Dreakensang Online the game from the inside. For actions such as recharging magic energy, you will have to pay. In addition, the cash shop prices are exorbitant. Finally, the quality of the game is balanced by an easy handling and a good interface.

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