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New classes for the Final Fantasy expansion


Let’s discover the new Final Fantasy 14 expansion : Stormblood. The Final Fantasy 14 expansion features two new classes: the Samurai and the Red Mage. The Samurai is a well-dressed guy who also carries his usual katana, giving him the ability to slice and dice. Thanks to the expansion, this character has his own interface: the resource bar looks like a katana and his Kenki increases when he does certain attacks and, on the contrary, decreases when he does others. As for the Red Mage, it is a sort of hybrid between the Black Mage and the White Mage. The interface of this job contains a double gauge of mana potion: white mana and black mana, which expresses the two facets of this character. This gauge fills up when you cast spells.

The new Final Fantasy 14 expansion dungeon

A new dungeon has been created for the Final Fantasy 14 expansion. Once you reach level 63, you can visit the Shisui of the Violet Tides. This is an underwater leveling base. This dungeon offers new gameplay aspects that will highlight your teamwork, as well as 3 bosses with AOEs specialising in water spells or otherwise changing state.

News Final Fantasy 14

The new optimisations of the Final

Fantasy 14 expansion

Here are the main optimizations proposed by the Final Fantasy 14 expansion:

  • the transition from a class to the associated job is made easier at level thirty
  • . This means that you will no longer have to wait to move from a basic job to a higher class. However, you will still unlock the skills of other associated jobs.

  • Another point is that all combat jobs will also get a facelift in terms of featured actions
  • : this means that the less reputable actions as well as actions that make certain classes too powerful will be removed.

  • In addition, there are also a host of new interface features
  • : the creation of job gauges offering the possibility to better see the right moment to perform actions of various jobs; the automatic update of the highest variant of a spell in the action bars; ..

  • There is also something new regarding PvP

. PvP will no longer be limited to specialists and will be available to everyone, as long as you are level 30. There are also new changes that will be made in terms of handling. Indeed, you will be able to customise action bars in relation to PvP.


Stormblood or the new Final Fantasy 14 expansion will allow this game toget a longer lifespan and brings to players a new set of optimizations. It will be suitable for both game experts and beginners. However, one has to wonder whether regular players will not be upset by the disappearance of certain actions or the simplicity of the fights. And if these players will not be too bothered by the new facilities granted to beginners.

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