Heroes Evolved

Our opinion on Heroes Evolved and its gameplay

At the end of 2016, Heroes Evolved was designed by the R2Games group. This title takes its inspiration from big names in competitive action and strategy MOBAs. Obviously, it is free-to-play and a strongly similar style to LoL. Heroes Evolved offers gamers five-on-five team-based multiplayer arena battles. At the start of the Moba, you will have to choose your hero from over fifty characters. You will also have to choose a game mode. Currently, there are 2 game modes:

  • Altar of Strife: By choosing this mode, there will be three paths to the enemy zone. This is a classic mode for online multiplayer battle arenas. So Heroes Evolved is no exception to the rule.
  • Valet of War: In this one, there is only one path to the enemy battle zone. Thus, the player will be confronted with the entire enemy team.

Each hero of this game has its own specificity, which brings a great richness and variety to this MMO. Most of the time, the style of the characters as well as the fights are inspired by fantasy. With any hero, the gamer will be able to train several attacks in order to design more powerful ones by means of various items. Of course, it is possible to try out several characters to see which one suits you best.

The main features of Heroes Evolved

Heroes Evolved is simply one of the best MMOs and MOBAs on the market. It allows you to join a battle arena in the same way that all games in this genre do. The quality of the fighting is there and you will have to choose a hero at the beginning of the game from a large selection. The goal is to defeat the enemy team by destroying their base. Furthermore, this MMO has been designed for all different levels.

The gameplay of Heroes Evolved is one of its great strengths. The main objective of the gamer will be to gradually level up in order to be the best possible against all your different enemies. To do this, you will have to fight valiantly against everything that gets in your way in the arena. You will have to think of precise strategies for your attacks. In addition, you should know that it will be possible to merge attributes. This will allow you to perform a combo attack, which will be much more destructive. Heroes Evolved is a well-designed game, which makes the gameplay as well as the graphics highly qualitative. One thing is for sure, R2games has put in the effort to compete with the best MOBAs on the market such as LoL as well as Dota 2 and League Of Legends.

Our conclusion on Heroes Evolved

In Heroes Evolved, the design, the physics of the heroes and the map are perfectly conceived. However, you will certainly find this MMO to be very similar to League of Legends in many ways. Indeed, many things seem to have been copied from LoL, such as the glyph concept, the graphics and the items in the shop. Thus, Heroes Evolved, even if it has a qualitative gameplay and its style and fighting system are well thought out, it is unfortunately only a clone of LoL. However, forgetting this point, it remains excellent in every way.

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