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Our opinion on Liberators and its gameplay

Liberators is a turn-based strategy MMO. The action takes place in France. You will embody a general of the American army, all this in the middle of World War II. The main objective is to help the Allies to get rid of the German occupation. You will have to win battles in order to liberate different places so that the inhabitants can take control of the country. Liberators is a really well designed game, easy to play and fully translated into French. In short, a strategic MMO to try!

The main features of Liberators

  • Handling: The handling of the game remains excellent. It is quick and easy. Registering to play is quick and only takes about 30 seconds. Then, you will have a tutorial at your disposal, which will explain the concept and the characteristics of the game. It will also teach you how to use the interface properly. Then comes your first battle: Omaha Beach, taking place just after the famous landing. In any case, the gamer will learn very quickly how to recruit soldiers, train them and attack the enemies. In short, this tutorial is really relevant!
  • Scenario: As far as the scenario is concerned, Liberators contains a lot of information about the characters and the different events of the Second World War. Thus, the gamer can relive some of the most memorable historical battles. Thus, the game has a highly appreciable educational aspect through its various historical information.
  • Game Modes: Besides the campaign mode, which can be played in player vs. environment, this strategy MMO also has a wide range of multiplayer modes common in online wargames. For example, the player can fight against your own troops with those of other gamers or even form an alliance.
  • Gameplay: Liberators has a wide range of modes that can be unlocked depending on your level. There is notably the player vs. player mode, territory wars between alliances (unfortunately not very intuitive) but also modes to relive battles that have literally transformed the course of the war. In some modes you can also fight against great enemies such as famous commanders and Nazi generals.

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Our conclusion on Liberators

Overall, Liberators is a success on many points such as graphics and gameplay. It is simply one of those strategy games that will suit any type of gamer. Indeed, the campaign gives the possibility to play for long hours, as well as the different multiplayer modes. However, in the multiplayer mode, progress will be severely hampered around levels 35-40. Thus, you will have to be motivated and eager to climb the rankings. One thing you will appreciate compared to other games is that you are not always asked to take war bonds, which is simply the premium currency of the MMO.

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