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Our opinion: Les Hommes de L’Ombre and its gameplay

Men of the Shadows is a free downloadable browser MMO. Its graphics are one of its strong points. With this game, a world is waiting for you and more than 6 different countries. At the beginning of the MMO, the player will have to choose a character class among the following ones: Berseker, Swordsman or Elementalist. Each of these classes has its own characteristics and features. Men Of The Shadow is an incredible adventure set in a fantasy world. Indeed, this MMO puts the story and the scenario at the heart of the action. You will travel through great eras, from Antiquity to the Middle Ages. History and scenario are one and the same in order to offer an original and immersive game for the gamer.

The characteristics of Men of the Shadows

  • Design: The 3D graphics are very well done. As for the game’s scenery, it is extremely realistic and well thought out.
  • Universe: The universe is rich and varied. Indeed, gamers can explore nearly 6 different countries. Each place has a specific flora and fauna.
  • Soundtrack: As for the music, it is relatively cool. Indeed, the melodies fit well with the action and the story.
  • Handling and progression: It remains rather easy. Indeed, gamers will quickly appropriate this mystical and magical world in 3D. You simply have to follow the progression of the MMO and everything will be easy since everything has been thought out and automated for a multitude of functions. However, we regret that the progression is so linear and repetitive.
  • Side missions: On Men of the Shadow, you will have understood, the progression remains classic. Everything is done (both in terms of equipment and skills) with the aim of optimising the character’s strength so that he can defend himself against increasingly powerful enemies. Another point is that it is far too easy to level up. This may frustrate many players who are looking for challenges and difficulties.

Our conclusion on Men of the Shadows

The two most appealing aspects of Men of the Dark are the visual features and the game’s scenario. However, we regret that the progression of this game is too linear and classic, with an air of déjà-vu from other MMOs of the same type. Moreover, the game can quickly become a bit boring because of its repetitiveness. However, the game is still addictive thanks to its universe and its enjoyable battles. The universe is varied and rich, but this MMORPG is still far from the heights of a game such as Skyforge. One thing is certain, Men of the Shadow is a free-to-play game to try, just for the beauty of the scenery and the universe, as the rest is still rather disappointing.

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