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Rift ‘Heavenly Storm’ Update and Power Pack

The Rift ‘Heavenly Storm’ Update

While the Prophecy of Ahnket expansion (Rift 4.0) is now available for free, the Rift 4.2 update, called ‘Celestial Storm’, continues the storyline and offers a new area to explore. Before seeing the specifics of this update in more detail, don’t hesitate to consult our test on Rift. We remember that at the end of 2016, the MMORPG Rift was enriched with the expansion named Prophecy of Ahnket (it should be noted that this is the first one since the change of the MMORPG’s business model to a free-to-play offer), which invited gamers to explore the new locations of Ahnket’s Comet. Nowadays, the expansion is distributed for free and its storyline continues with the deployment of a new update called “Celestial Storm”. This update focuses on the confrontation between Ahnket (and his Technogolems) and Crucia (with his Legion) in order to conquer and dominate the Celestial Lands. Gamers will have to mobilise to stop the two goddesses and their ruthless battles.

With this patch 4.2, the MMORPG Rift offers a new place to explore, the Vostigar Peaks. The latter is a cold highland, with various new monsters, nearly 80 new quests and various rewards to match. And that’s not all! With this update, Rift also gets a new version of the Tartar Deep raid (in normal mode) as well as new Raid Rifts. What else? A new Instant Adventure and 4 new Primalist Souls to enhance the game’s playable class concept. So don’t hesitate to download the free-to-play MMORPG Rift with its latest expansion, thanks to top-mmorpg.co.uk.

Nightmarish Warthog Power Pack

The Rift Store now offers the Nightmarish Warthog Power Pack. Learn more about all the great content inside! This new Rift MMORPG Power Pack is a definite value for fans of the game. Here are all the items of interest it includes:

  • First item: The Nightmare Warthog mount, which increases movement speed by up to 155%, otherwise it allows you to match the speed of your fastest mount.
  • Second item: The Chosen Hat Box, which allows you to obtain a helmet for your Vocation that scales to level 70. It also unlocks Vostigar’s ceremonial helmet.
  • Third item: The Clothes of Primordial Madness, which includes the complete “Clothes of Primordial Madness” costume, including the Ceste, Crampons, Cuirass, Legguards, Mask and Primordial Spacers of Madness.
  • Fourth item: The Packmaster’s Reward Cache, with 20 individual reward charges and two Opponent’s Marks.

This pack has been available since August 2017 in the game’s shop. It is offered to players for a price of only $19.99.

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Rift Celestial Storm in brief

Here are the main points of the Rift Celestial Storm update:

  • Vostigar Peaks: This is a new highland area with a new set of quests but also various fascinating points of interest.
  • The second new feature is the Tartar Depths in normal mode
  • Raid Rifts
  • Instant adventure
  • And finally, a host of new creatures!

Other point: The Celestial Storm update offers 4 new Primalist Souls, free to any gamer with the Primalist Vocation. The Chosen Essential Pack is the best way to get all the souls! Here are the 4 new souls: Mystic; Vigilant Predator and Primal Lord.

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