Presentation of Gigantic

In the MOBA genre, Gigantic was a marginal proposition artistically as well asinteresting in terms of gameplay. Unfortunately, the troops of the Motiga group have experienced a more than complicated development. Now released, here is what this MOBA is worth. Gigantic is a third-person MOBA where you play as a pre-selected hero in order to defend your giant. The goal is to beat the opposing goalkeeper before the opposing team does. Of course, it is not enough to simply rush in and attack the giant, as it is usually invulnerable. In order to proceed, you must first gather as much strength as possible so that your goalkeeper hinders the opponent and exposes his weak point. Then it will be possible to hurt him. It is the first team to give 3 injuries that is the most important.

In Gigantic, gathering energy can be done in various ways. Either by eliminating an opponent or by finding power orbs directly on the field. In order not to be focused on orbs all the time, you can summon monsters that will search for them for you. However, if a monster is eliminated it offers energy to the opponents. So you’ll have to be careful to protect your summons.

Gigantic’s graphics, universe and gameplay experience

As far as the universe and graphics are concerned, the game is magnificent. The cartoonish graphics are not sloppy and the graphics engine really holds up well, even when there are a lot of visual effects in play. Another point is that the landscapes and scenery turn out to be sublime. It should be noted that this MOBA uses the graphics of the famous Wind Waker. So you will certainly be delighted to find scenery that will remind you of certain islands, and this through frenetic battles.

Gigantic interface

Of course, as in many MOBAs, you can experience the game without paying a cent. To do this, you will need to collect coins to buy your favourite characters. Only the MOBA also offers monsters as well as cosmetic aspects of the game. Normally, you have to use a different currency to acquire skins, but Gigantic offers gamers the possibility to get this currency for free through quests and account leveling. All gamers can therefore get their hands on all the skins and monsters of the MOBA on the sole condition that they have been playing for quite some time. This is an excellent point that will please gamers who don’t like to spend money on micro-transactions. Finally, the game menu is intuitive and easy to use.

Our conclusion on Gigantic

Gigantic is far from being the failure we could have imagined it to be due to its complicated development. Far from being a bad MOBA, there are still several shortcomings such as the one regarding the matchmaking, and the one regarding the content worthy of a game of this kind, which needs a lot of arguments to hook the gamers and especially to keep them on the long term. As for the strong points, theexperience is obviously pleasant and can be tried in free-to-play, which offers the possibility of easily getting an idea of Gigantic, which can be optimised in the long term, with community events for example. So, don’t hesitate to download the game thanks to

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