Our opinion on Aion and its gameplay

Aion is an MMORPG designed by the Korean studio Ncsoft. The core of the game is a fierce battle between two splinter groups of demigods. The game is obviously available via download. It allows you to join the dragon people, who are the arbiters of this conflict.
The universe takes place in a world dominated by evil. Three groups stand out. These are the Elyos, the Asmodians and the Balaur, who engage in great battles to increase their respective powers.
Aion features beautiful 3D graphics and characters with their own special characteristics. They can fight in the air, thus perfectly corresponding to the Asian universe and imagination.

The main features of Aion

  • Pve (player vs environment): With Aion, it is not the PvE that is the most interesting aspect. On the contrary, the game lacks a lot of content. Thus, the PvE is clearly the weakest point, as well as the low difficulty of the game in the end. The interest of the quests is almost non-existent. For example, the gamer is asked to remove X number of mobs or to collect X number of fruit baskets. As you can see, this is not very interesting in the end.
  • PVP (player vs player): As opposed to Pve, if you like PVP, you’ll enjoy playing Aion. Indeed, the classes are extremely well thought out and balanced. However, you will need to be patient to see your teammates and other gamers battle it out in the air.
  • Design: As far as the appearance of the game is concerned, the scenery is a big strength of Aion. Indeed, the game is aesthetically flawless with a clean and nice design. This is true for the armors (very well detailed), the weapons and the characters.
  • Atmosphere and music: As for the atmosphere, it is extraordinary. Indeed, the musics are worked, and even if they remain a little irregular, they are superb to listen to! We will also deplore just a few disturbing sound effects, especially during the fights.
  • Scenario: It is with the PVP, the main strength of Aion. Indeed, the progression is scripted and uses cut-scenes extremely well done.

Our conclusion on Aion

Aion is an incredible and vast playground for player vs. player oriented guilds . Players who are adept at player vs. environment instances will be better off playing a title like Final Fantasy XIV Online, as this game will prove to be far too linear for them. However, if you’re into combat, Aion will definitely meet your expectations.

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