Dragon II

Presentation of Dragon II

Dragon 2 appeared in open beta on March 23, 2017. It is an mmorpg role-playing game proposed by the internationally known Sala Game group. The game is an optimised sequel to Dragon Knight. You can play this 3D isometric MMO title on your web browser, and even on the social network Facebook! Dragon 2, also called Dragon Knight 2, takes you into a world filled with danger from various creatures. The gamer and his recruits will have to travel through this vast world by following the main storyline and executing the proposed missions. You will also be able to challenge other MMO members to a duel to show the community what you can do.

The further you progress in the game, the more heroes or goddesses you can recruit. The concept of the game Dragon II is extremely interesting as it changes from many classic MMOs. In order to unlock the various features of Dragon II, you always have to reach a certain level. For example, arenas are available at level 31, and to find out about another gamer’s information you will need to reach level 20. Finally, if you want to add fellow gamers, you’ll need to get to level 60.

Dragon II Combat and Community

The leveling of this MMO is extremely fast and you can quickly see this in the game. Indeed, in order to progress quickly in terms of levels, you will simply have to XP by doing various quest fights. These take place on a separate screen and are based on strategy. Each time you attack an enemy, you will be able to choose from all the spells on offer, ranked from least to most powerful. It will only be possible to use them in a restricted way according to your “rage” points.

As for the Dragon II community, it remains extremely attractive as there are many gamers in the MMO and they all share the adventure together. This means that you can always help each other out and take part in multiplayer battles, create guilds, go through dungeons as a group or even use the concept of alchemy. In short, Dragon II is above all a community game.

Our conclusion on Dragon II

Dragon II is not an MMO like the others. Indeed, social interactions are rather limited, but not essential to progress, and the game is casual oriented with a multitude of different quests in AFK mode (indicating that a person is not in front of his computer) as well as a really relevant auto combat system. By the way, a small weak point of the latter: You don’t even need to know much about skills to progress in the game, which is a bit of a shame.

Despite this, the experience offered is really addictive and interesting, even if the character management is too classic. This last point is compensated by the various improvement features that are added throughout the game.

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