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Revelation Online Uprising Update

Introducing the Uprising update

The Uprising update was released in September for the MMORPG Revelation Online! In this game, you’ve probably fought for the resources of the island of Brisetoile, settled the conflict between the Ursids and the Ailards, or taken the time to settle into a new home. Now, here are some new challenges for you! Before we take a closer look at the specifics of this update, check out our Revelation Online review. and NetEase, the respective publishers and developers of Revelation Online, have announced the next content update for their game. Named Uprising, this update offers the possibility to go up to level 79. In this update, a new raid is introduced: theAltar of Swords. This is the first very high level raid dungeon in the MMORPG. It offers tough battles, including 5 boss battles. In addition, 3 versions of the dungeon are available, each with a different difficulty level, allowing groups of 5 or 6 gamers to take on titanic opponents.

To talk about the new raid in more detail, the Altar of Swords is the scene of the War of the Five Guardians and it still emits a certain hatred; mortals who go there feel a dark place and a rather suffocating atmosphere. According to legend, the soul of Monethir, who is none other than the founder of the school of Swordmasters, continually wanders the Altar of Swords, waiting to change his art of fencing to those who are worthy.

Revelation online interface

Uprising Update Features

Continue your journey in the MMORPG Revelation Online and reach level 79! When you reach this level, the following new areas and items will be available:

  • A new dungeon: the Altar of Swords (applies to levels 70 to 75). In this dungeon, the soul of Monethir (the founder of the school of swordsmen) is still roaming the dungeon, waiting to pass on his ancient sword skills to those who are worthy. Who will be able to go into the heart of the Sword Shrine and fight Monethir for incredible rewards?
  • The Azure Dragon Guild Tournament for gamers from level 70 to 79.
  • For gamers above level 70: Soul Crystals, which allow you to have enough points to unlock all the soul grid benefits.
  • Confirmed Assassin: For gamers who want to stay in the shadows, the Assassin class is due to arrive on Nuanor in November. In short, get ready for huge battles on Revelation Online!

Soon available in French!

Revelation Online is currently available in English in beta version. However, its developers have told us that the translation job is really advanced and will be available in the autumn. It must be said that even if you master English, it would be interesting to have even the French subtitles in order to get into the game’s aura more easily. This is what the developers of Revelation Online want to offer us, and they recently gave us some news about the French translation.

In the latter, we learn that the French and German translations are being finalized, and are already being tested on closed servers. In addition, this allows us to say that the project proves to be really important because beyond the only translation since it is also about resizing the interface when it will be necessary and reprogramming various elements. Thus, fans of Revelation Online will have to wait until the third quarter of 2017 to have the game in French.

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