Naruto Online personnages

Naruto Online 2.0 Update

Manual replacement and garden interface

We already told you about Naruto Online, this famous Free-To-Play browser game. Since May 18, 2017, a major update has taken place, and this update changes the game considerably, without altering all the work done so far. It should be noted that this 2.0 update will continue to offer other new features as the weeks go by in the game. Let’s take a closer look at the new features in Naruto Online. The first new feature, and certainly one of the most important, is the Kakashi manual. It replaces the daily and weekly missions. You can find all the missions of this kind currently available, which are carried out from Monday to Sunday, and which offer you the possibility of obtaining experience, ecus and many other things.

It should be noted that there are two types of weekly missions: one related to the Lice at the Holy Places, and the other related to treasure hunting, research missions and arena battles.

Another new feature is the garden interface, which has undergone a number of changes. Gamers will be able to walk around the garden, look at the garden map or teleport to the desired location. In addition, the rewards in the wish tree have also been changed.

Spa and Teleportation

Want to take a little bath in Naruto Online? Now you can! A spa is now available directly in the garden. It offers players the possibility ofoptimising their character’s stamina (this corresponds to 1 point every three minutes, up to a maximum of two hundred and fifty stamina points). If you are in possession of the Jonin medal, you will have a slower and more important restoration.

In addition, teleportation on the map is a new feature of this 2.0 update. These teleports can be done with daily medals or with an accessory called “God of Lightning”.

Naruto Online combat

A new arena and new missions

A new arena has been designed with a new combat system that mixes gamers from different servers. Also, talent configurations can be saved. The arena is separated into 2 distinct modes, which are “level” and “leisure”. It should be noted that the leisure mode has no impact, and is therefore to be used to test your training. Various rewards will be obtained in the arena depending on the maximum rank reached. Each month, the score is reset to zero and a reward is obtained.

Regarding missions, new escort and looting missions are available in Naruto Online. The escort mission has been modified so that gamers can escort without any time restrictions but also independently. In addition, these missions can be completed solo or in teams. Another point is that each mission has different rewards, depending on the difficulty level. And last but not least, you can invite all your friends to accompany you on each mission!


As you can see, this 2.0 update of Naruto Online brings a lot of new features: a modified talent interface; new talents; the abundance chamber integrates new difficulty levels with better rewards; a spa, teleportation and many other things! So, be sure to check out our Naruto Online Review!

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