Star Wars The Old Republic Umbara

Star Wars The Old Republic Umbara Update

Umbara in Crisis” update available

Originally scheduled for August 22 and then pushed back two days, Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 5.4, titled “Umbara in Crisis”, has finally been rolled out by Bioware. By the way, check out the Star Wars Old Republic review as well. Check out the launch trailer on the game’s website for more information. Hijack a moving train to unmask a traitor in a new contentious area, set up shop in a new fortress on Umbara, and much more!

Lead a final stealth assault and fight on a moving train, battle the wilds of a sinister new world, and more in a high-stakes new game zone! You’ve tracked down a dangerous traitor in the Shadow World of Umbara: take charge of a strike force and eliminate him before war breaks out again in the galaxy. Choose from a variety of difficulty levels and embark on this new adventure with your partners or up to three of your friends to win legendary rewards!

After unmasking the traitor, take command of a new fortress, the Umbarian Mobile Base! For the first time, customize your own moving train and enjoy the unique landscapes of the Shadow World. Learn more about the new dispute zone and the fortress in the Umbara in Crisis gameplay and rewards blog, and discover all the secrets of the planet Umbara in a short story, A History of Scars.

“Umbara in Crisis” will also contain:

  • New Partner Customizations: For the first time, customize the outfit of the legendary Knight of Zakel, Senya Tirall!
  • Precious Goods Cartel Pack: Visit the Cartel Marketplace to unlock a variety of Umbara-themed items, such as the new wild mounts Mantorr and Slybex

Star Wars The Old Republic Umbara

But what does this patch contain?

The patch adds the following new content to the game:

  • A new contentious area, “Umbara in Crisis”, accessible to all characters of level 70 or higher who have completed the Lokath War storyline
  • A new fortress: the Umbaran Mobile Base. This is the famous train mentioned above! Customisable, the mobile base will allow you to enjoy the landscapes of the Shadow World of Umbara from every angle!
  • Customisation of Senya Tirall’s armour and outfit.
  • A new Cartel Merchandise Pack, which adds many customization effects, including blasters, lightsabers, and Umbara-themed decorations.
  • For more details, we invite you to visit the official website of The Old Republic, whose link is available in source. Enjoy the game, and good luck to everyone!

Latest addition: Precious Goods Pack:

now available on the cartel market

Enjoy the latest equipment: The Precious Goods Pack is now available on the Cartel Market. Tame one of Umbara’s most dangerous predators, equip your weapons with a dark look, and much more. Plus, rest and recharge after SummerOfSWTOR with iconic regeneration gadgets. Let’s see what this week has in store for you:

  • PRECIOUS GOODS: NEW ITEM PACK, available Tuesday, August 29. Upgrade your equipment to survive the hostile nature of Umbara. Unlock the new Swamp Slybex and Obsidian Mantorr mounts, equip your weapons with the Indigo Fog look, and more!
  • Valuable Merchandise Pack 300 Cartel Coins 200 Cartel Coins: For one week only.
  • Hypercash: 26 packs of precious merchandise 7,020 cartel coins 4,680 cartel coins: for one week only.
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