World of Tanks

Our opinion on World of Tanks and its gameplay

Developed and published by, World of Tanks has quickly received the esteem of the public. A cross between an MMO/FPS and a tank simulation, the game is free to download on the net and free to play. The concept is simple: you fight in 15v15 arenas with armoured vehicles from the Second World War. The game ends when all players on a team are eliminated, or when one player takes over his opponent’s base.
World of Tanks has beautiful graphics. The level of detail is amazing, and some of the scenery is destructible. The environments are also honourable, with a good depth of field. Special mention to the tanks modelled with particular care. There are more than 130 tanks that drove for the great nations of the Second World War. Enough to make the amateurs happy, but especially the purists. There are 5 categories of tanks. These range from the light, fast but fragile tank to the self-propelled gun that is impossible to move but has destructive firepower.
Audio-wise, it’s quite immersive. The developers may have been a little heavy-handed with the rather pompous orchestrations, but the result is satisfactory. That said, unless you’re an unconditional fan of tank engines, you’ll quickly change your playlist.

Getting around in World of Tanks

You have a garage to store your various vehicles. Your objective will of course be to improve them as you play. World of Tanks includes an upgrade system for each tank. You can also customise them as you wish, within the limits imposed however.
How do you upgrade your tank? It’s easy. After each game, you gain experience to optimize the components of your vehicle. Many components can be upgraded, from the engine to the turret to the tracks. To buy new equipment, you will need money (fictitious, fortunately) which you can earn from your battles.
Human units are not left out. Indeed, World of Tanks also includes an interface for managing your team. Each tank can host up to 6 soldiers, in various roles: pilot, gunner, artilleryman… Each of them also receives experience during the battles, and can thus improve their skills.

The different game modes

In addition to the standard games, several game modes are offered in World of Tanks. First of all, the Assault mode: here, a single team has a base, which it must defend while its opponents try to take it. The Impromptu Battle pits two teams against each other to take over a neutral base in the centre of the map; time is limited, and the game can end if all players on a team are eliminated. Finally, the training mode can be played with several players to allow you to develop complex strategies with your allies.
As World of Tanks is free to play, it also includes a cash shop. You’ll be pleased to know that the latter is anything but mandatory. There are of course some benefits to paying, but as skill is an integral part of the game, good players will not need it at any time.

Our conclusion on World of Tanks

With a community that is committed to the game, World of Tanks has a lot going for it. High quality graphics, realistic battles, and a tried and true evolutionary system. With its different game modes, you won’t get bored. The Second World War as if you were there !

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