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Presentation of Nostale

The name of this game gives absolutely no indication of its content. However, in this MMORPG, we meet monsters, a cute, fun and colourful universe, but also three different classes. Let’s take a closer look at the features of NosTale from Gameforge AG. NosTale is a massively multiplayer online game with manga-esque graphics. In this MMORPG, your virtual avatar will be given various quests that can be done solo or in groups. The story is breathtaking and the journey in this game allows you to discover incredible places: NosVille, the polar island of the ice crown, Mount Krem or the desert of Mortaz. One of the strong points of Nostale is the presence of a main plot, even if it turns out to be quite basic. Divided into various acts, the story is an investigation into the revolt of the Kovolts, which is a worker race being increasingly persecuted by humans in the game.

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Nostale’s features

  • Graphics: Even if technically, this MMORPG is not up to date, it must be admitted that the design of the game is cute, which gives the software the possibility to kill two birds with one stone: run on many configurations, and ultimately seduce younger gamers.
  • Playability: The gameplay possibilities are present and qualitative. Unfortunately, the interface is bland and without surprises. Thus, newcomers will quickly get the hang of the game, but for those who are used to the genre, the interface will have an air of déjà-vu even if it remains efficient. Indeed, rigidity is the order of the day, as well as too many overlapping stats in the character sheet.
  • Lifespan: With Nostale, you’ll have to accept hours and hours of play to make your character evolve in the MMORPG. In addition, the main quest is very time consuming and there are also a multitude of side missions.
  • Music: The music in Nostale contributes greatly to the childlike atmosphere of the MMORPG. Indeed, some of them have a unique cachet, which is hard to find in other games of the genre.
  • Scenario: Classic and without real surprises. An opposition between good guys and bad guys. However, it remains globally effective. At least in Nostale, the effort of a real scenario has been made.

Our conclusion on Nostale

For the MMRORPG Nostale, the real price to pay is not that big when compared to other free-to-play games on the market. Nostale is mature in design and accessible to all. However, the software is recommended to gamers who like monster bashing and are not afraid to play for hours and hours to make their character evolve. At the same time, NosTale also has weak points such as a lack of content. However, don’t hesitate to download the game thanks to

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