Introduction to Minecraft

If you haven’t been in a basement in the last few years, you’ve probably heard of Minecraft. In fact, you may have spent the last few years in a Minecraft basement (a touch of humour). In any case, the game from Mojang Specifications has become a worldwide phenomenon from its alpha to its official release, but also through its beta. The MMO Minecraft was released in its “final” version in November 2011, this game has already marked its time. Let’s take a closer look at its features. As a lone explorer, the Minecraft gamer is dropped into a randomly generated universe without explanation. His only mission is to survive in this cubic world. In this game, a multitude of different and infinite landscapes await you: mountains, snowy plateaus, green forests and so on. All of these are modelled in the distinctive Minecraft cubic graphic style. In order to achieve what you want, you have to be clever, imaginative and creative. This MMO is above all a gigantic sandbox and the aim of a game will always be to reach the goal you have set yourself. For some players, this will be to wander randomly through the universe that has been designed for their enjoyment and adapt as they go along. Other gamers will want to exploit the many impressive possibilities offered by the MMO in order to achieve unreal manufacturing projects.

The features of Minecraft

  • Design: This MMO is not technically outdated, it is simply cubic. Its textures are not ugly because Minecraft is simply pixel art. Of course, this MMO will very rarely flatter your eye, but this bias gives the possibility to offer the player a seamless fluidity.
  • Playability: Minecraft takes a while to get used to the crafting tool by simply alternating between the two mouse buttons. Once this is done, the gameplay is perfect. Assembling the cubes to build your constructions becomes as easy as pie. The gameplay of Minecraft is so ingenious that it allows the birth of a new type of game.
  • Lifespan: This MMO has an almost infinite lifespan optimised by the random generation of the map. In addition, if you can’t get enough of the single player mode, the multiplayer possibilities offer you the possibility to share your experience and your creations.
  • Music: The sound effects are minimalist in the game, as are the beautiful musical compositions by electronic artist C418. However, the music gives a poetic touch to the universe, with only a few piano notes.


Mojang’s MMO is quite simply one of the biggest independent phenomena of the past few years. The strengths of this huge sandbox are numerous. Minecraft has an almost infinite potential for the gamer as long as he or she is imaginative and determined. This does not prevent the game from leaving some gamers by the wayside, especially those who quickly find themselves lost without a real goal to achieve. Indeed, this MMO is clearly not a game for everyone. Don’t hesitate to give it a try by downloading the free-to-play version of Minecraft from top-mmorpg.co.uk. After all, it will be cheaper than LEGO.

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