MMORPG League of Angel 4 : Heaven’s Fury

Released last April, the fourth installment of the LoA saga is entitled: League of Angel 4: Heaven’s Fury.
Regularly followed by millions of players around the world, here is the long-awaited fourth installment that invites the playr to live new adventures in a brand new world, this time drawn from Western mythology.

The game is still available through the browser, still published by GTarcade and developed by Youzu Studios. Some improvements have been made compared to the previous versions.

Are you ready to discover this brand new world of Thelia? Fans will certainly not say no.

Welcome to Leagues Of Angels 4 !

Game Overview

First of all, it is important to focus on the 3D graphics and also on the interface. Indeed, a few improvements over previous League of Angels episodes have been made, which makes the game even more enjoyable, it should be noted.

With legendary angels, the player is still on a mission to save a chaotic world, all because of the corrupt gods including Zeus.

Background of the story:

Zeus, according to a prophecy, wishes at first to avoid the imminent twilight of the Gods. To this end he seeks to use the power of the Box.

Unfortunately, he is corrupted and becomes a slave to the demons. Thus the heavens fell into chaos.

This box, misused by Zeus, must therefore once again seal in the evil and suffering that have been released from it.

It is necessary to obtain the power of the angels who are the only ones who have been spared from the Box and who are the only ones who can help the player in his mission to save the heavens, the world… The angels are divine creatures and endowed with hidden powers. The player will therefore have to retrieve them and use them to the best of his ability.

At the beginning of the game :

The classes are : The archer, the mage, the dragon, and to start the player must choose his character among these three classes.

As far as gameplay is concerned, players used to LoA will not find much change, except perhaps a better look and better organisation compared to previous installments. These are improvements to be mentioned, however, as the 3D graphics add even more interest to LoA 4.

The combat system remains unchanged in LoA 4, which is a real-time turn-based game.

The player has only one objective: to become the hero who must save the skies and the world.
However, he will not be able to do this alone. In order to carry out this mission, he will have to rely on the help of the angels, who are deities. But he will also be able to count on precious helpers such as the spirits and the princesses.

Daily quests, PvP and PvE battles, boss battles, raids, dungeons and many other events will be offered… The player will not be bored.

Other details about the game

As always with this type of mmorpg game, and as we said before, the gamer starts by choosing his character.

Thus, for these adventures, he decides to be either an archer, a mage or a dragon.
But it is to be noted that as for the other opuses, once again for Leagues Of Angels 4, he will never be alone. He will be able to be of spirits, angels and also of princesses, but it will be advisable to take up missions to have them!

A small clarification regarding the three classes:

  • The precision values the archer.
  • Wisdom for the mage.
  • The power of the dragon.

The player’s choice will be decisive for the rest of his adventures.

His objective is to become the long-awaited hero to save the skies, and therefore the world, in the face of a large community of other players who are also passionate about the game, so the challenge is great.

Of course, the course also has obstacles and evil creatures. Fortunately, there will also be those divine creatures, the angels, with whom the player will have to rely to have a chance of succeeding in his goal.

You will have to recruit angels, then experiment with them and give them everything they need to become more and more powerful.

But they will remain loyal and thus become precious allies for the player.

The player will be able to unlock angels, spirits, princesses, wings, mounts, and if he wishes, he can even create his own clan.

Interactivity between players has of course its place in Leagues of Angels 4.

As soon as you enter the game, you are immediately thrown into the action, but this is also a prerequisite for gaining XP.

Battles allow you to earn the rewards that will make you stronger, more skilled, more equipped.

PvP challenges, fights against other players are therefore also very important for all this. These battles take place directly on the interface in real time.
Hardcore players will be delighted with the PvE mode as well.

So, future heroes, rest assured, you never go it alone, and this is what makes Leagues of Angels a bit of a trademark.

Players’ opinions :

Players like:

  • The interface
  • Interest and action
  • The combat system
  • The storyline
  • The 3D graphics
  • The improvements that have been made.

Players don’t like :

  • No negative reviews yet

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