Fiesta Online

Introduction to Fiesta Online

Fiesta Online is an MMORPG designed by the Gamigo Games group. Of course, it is free to play. Visually extremely attractive, this game skillfully mixes Heroic fantasy and Manga, borrowing from the former its universe and from the latter its graphic style but also its humour. As for the character classes in Fiesta Online, when you enter the game universe, you will have to choose between 5 archetypes: the warrior, the archer, the priest, the agile warrior and finally the wizard. Thus, we prefer to bet on few classes but a great efficiency of the latter. Obviously, the perfect balance does not exist in any game but there are no auto-win classes in PvP battles in this MMORPG.
Concerning PvM and exploration in this game, the quests are mostly continuous monster destruction missions. The objective is to eliminate a large number of nasty beasts that persecute an NPC. Thus, it can often be repetitive but the division of the zones as well as the evolution of the difficulty of the monsters that you will face give the possibility to keep the interest and finally not to get bored. Finally, these quests are an excellent palliative to intensive levelling: they add to the farming of mobs xp gains as well as items offering you the possibility to increase your power very quickly.

Features of Fiesta Online

  • Visual: This game uses the cel shading method for the rendering of the characters, with a great final result if you like Asian style graphics. However, there is a black spot with rather old-fashioned effects and textures in the environments. However, Fiesta Online is a good step down compared to the competition.
  • Playability: On this point, you will find as much positive as negative when playing Fiesta Online. Indeed, the evolution of the skills as well as the items or the concept of Royal quests give whole satisfaction. At the same time, the presence of invisible walls that are omnipresent spoil all the positive points of playability.
  • Lifespan: It must be said that this game is truly endless. Indeed, it has hundreds of potential hours of gaming. As for the game area, it is not necessarily very large at first glance, however it reveals a rich and varied content. Unfortunately, boredom may quickly overcome the less persevering gamers, as the core of the gameplay is nothing but monster bashing.
  • Music: The proposed themes will certainly make you think of the music of an old cartoon rather kitsch. In short, not a strong point of the MMORPG.
  • Scenario: No background, apart from a few pages of text on the official website. As soon as you play, the only thing to do is to hit monsters without necessarily trying to understand why you are doing it.

Our conclusion on Fiesta Online

Apart from a soulless soundtrack, the main drawback of Fiesta Online is its translation. Indeed, it is highly regrettable to have many approximations in the dialogues or the menus. For example, with time, you get used to the idea that the character tab is called character, which is a bad translation of “character”. Despite this, Fiesta Online is still a decent game for casual gamers who don’t want to bother with studying an xp spot but want to fight quickly and earn as much as possible. Thus, Fiesta Online really fulfills its contract by offering a great pleasure of play. Do not hesitate to download the game thanks to top-mmorpg.

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