Darwin Project

In 2017, at Microsoft’s pre-E3 conference, the group Scavengers Studio announced and unveiled the MMORPG Battle Royale The Darwin Project, where gamers will have to eliminate each other in a death match, until only one player remains.

Introduction to The Darwin Project

The Darwin Project is set in a post-apocalyptic world in a real location: the northern Canadian Rockies. The story is simple but effective. Indeed, it is to prepare for an ice age, that a project halfway between scientific experiment and show is decided. It asks participants to survive the cold and fight to the death in a dangerous arena. Darwin Project is a competitive third-person multiplayer experience with a new gameplay feature: manhunt. In order to win, gamers will have to endure harsh weather conditions, track their enemies, design tools, make traps and even think of alliances.

Darwin Project features

The Scavenger Studios group allowed many players to test various game modes during the famous Alpha test weekend of the Darwin Project game. Indeed, new game modes are in the works and are sure to be a lot of fun. For example, it will be possible to unlock the ” Show Director “, which is only available to VIPs during the first Alpha weekend. This option allows you to direct a large camera drone broadcasting the show. Its purpose is to bring entertainment to the public by performing various powers directly affecting the arena.

Any gamer will be able to secure the role of show director, a new feature that really changes the face of the Battle Royale genre. Instead of fighting on the ground, the director observes the arena like a floating drone. Equipped with a panoramic view of the carnage, he can use a range of unique abilities that give him the ability to turn the tables very quickly. Another new feature is the addition of the “Duo” mode, which allows players to fight two against two. This indirectly replaces the flag crafting, which allowed players to form a team with another gamer.

Another important feature of the game is that the universe is quite cartoonish and resembles Fortnite. In terms of gameplay, it is possible to play with ten gamers on a map and as the game progresses, gamers have the possibility to unlock specific skills such as invisibility. All types of combat are possible: for example, you can pitch your tent and wait quietly for your enemy. In addition, it is even possible to leave clues when you perform an action (chopping wood for example).

Darwin Project interface

Our conclusion on Darwin Project

A closed Alpha test weekend recently took place from 15 to 17 December. It confirmed the promises of this game. One thing is certain: the Scavengers group is doing everything possible to make The Darwin Project a complete success. Moreover, a new patch has brought new features and various fixes. So don’t hesitate to download the game thanks to top-mmorpg.

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