Aura Kingdom

Our opinion on Aura Kingdom and its gameplay

Aura Kingdom is a Free To Play game that mixes the two styles that are fantasy and medieval. The game also has a touch of manga on the visual level. Indeed, throughout your adventure, you can discover the Eidolons. These are magical pets that play a central role in the history of Aderia (the name of the game’s land). So, you will have understood, the graphics are extremely qualitative since to mix fantasy and manga, it is preferable to have a lot of style.
Aura Kingdom is a free game to try. However, when you start the game, you will have to be careful because the weapon you choose at the beginning will condition the rest of your adventure. Indeed, you will have to wait until level 40 to be able to change your weapon. In addition, it is important to know that the items that can be purchased are only for the comfort of the gamer. You will start the game with a chosen one of the gods, endowed with mystical powers.

The main features of Aura Kingdom

Designed by the studio X-Legend (having already produced a hit like Eden Eternal), Aura Kingdom has a round and colourful fantasy universe with a claimed anime side. Thus, the graphics are undeniably one of the game’s strong points.
Moreover, the environment proves to be extremely rich and detailed. The bosses are incredible, the dungeons are exotic and the towers are gigantic. As for the gameplay, it gives pride of place to the Eidolons.
The gamer can indeed use the services of interactive companions. These are capable of acquiring and optimising attack combinations with the sole aim of helping their master. The gamer can also have access to skill trees. These can be taken from those of other classes and the gamer can continually upgrade them. Aura Kingdom is also a reliable gameplay, worked, fast and fluid. In order to win a fight, you must be mobile and also control the mobility of your opponent.
In addition, the classic RPG aspect is also present with Aura Kingdom, with the possibility of doing various quests, leveling and inventory. As for the environment content, it is extremely rich and includes a wide range of dungeon and monster challenges. However, the quests turn out to be a bit too simplistic and sometimes even a bit repetitive.

Our conclusion on Aura Kingdom

Aura Kingdom has a fun and colourful world with a deep story. It stands out from other MMORPGs with its concept of magical pets called Eidolons. It will appeal to both beginners and more experienced players thanks to its playfulness. In any case, what makes the difference is the universe and the graphics. Indeed, the game has a fantasy-manga universe that is really captivating with incredible quality graphics.

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