Sacred Saga Online

Presentation of Sacred Saga Online

And one more mmorpg on the market! Sacred Saga Online is a new free mmorpg published by GGCorp and launched in October 2017. This MMORPG allows you to play as a zodiac knight and traverse a heroic-fantasy universe in 3d isometric. Sacred Saga Online is played on a web browser, without downloading and free to play. In Sacred Saga Online, you can play as different heroes! In this title you will have to prepare yourself for the goddess Athena. She has chosen you to become her champion and eliminate evil. Choose a celestial armour and transform yourself into a sign of the zodiac.

In addition, you can use a great power to fight your opponent. Released on October 27, 2017, Sacred Saga Online invites you into a beautiful and imaginary browser-based open world but where a multitude of different evil monsters will want to harm you. You will spend most of the time roaming various areas of the world and eliminating creatures, with the aim ofacquiring XP,gold as well as equipment for your hero. Also, be aware that there are only three classes available on the first server… and that the game is only available in English.

What is the gameplay of Sacred Saga Online?

The adventure is a continuation of the game Omega Zodiac: My Darkness which appeared earlier. So, if you have already played that MMORPG, you will find a lot of similarities with Sacred Saga Online: Travelling through a world in isometric view, eliminating bosses and monsters in order to shape your hero. In the MMORPG Sacred Saga Online you will be able to play as one of three classes: Knight, Mage or Archer.

Once you have chosen your hero, you will simply be thrust into the fantasy world of the MMORPG and begin your quests. You will face a multitude of creatures during your quests and up to fifty bosses daily. The gameplay of Sacred Saga Online is based on battles, the evolution of your character’s level as well as his skills (Power, stamina, speed and intelligence). You can improve them by completing quests and obtaining rewards and equipment.

Sacred Saga Online has an auto play concept that will allow you to progress and improve even if you are not playing at your PC. This auto-steering feature will complete quests and battles one by one without any action on your part. Thus, it is possible with this mmorpg to enjoy the title whenever you want. Your hero has three main attacks that will be optimised as you progress through the title. You will also be able to acquire powerful weapons and equip your hero with various equipment and attributes that will simply make him stronger. In addition, it is also possible to ride around the universe on a horse, have items in an inventory or join a gamers’ guild.

Is Sacred Saga Online really worth it?

Sacred Saga Online has beautiful, colourful visuals with sublime effects, especially when inflicting attacks on enemies. Its gameplay and style are equally good. In addition, the damage is displayed directly on the screen on the damaged target, giving the game genre a slightly old school feel. This aspect of the game is addictive, especially knowing that we are dealing with a browser-based title. A small weak point to note for French players: The game is not yet available in French. However, if you love the heroic fantasy style, go for it! Don’t hesitate to download this game where you will play as a Zodiac knight thanks to

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