Our opinion on Ogame and its gameplay

Ogame is undoubtedly the most famous space conquest game on the web. Developed by Gameforge, it has been quite successful since its launch in 2003, especially thanks to its free-to-play model. Although many players have become bored over the last few years, this space strategy simulator still has all its assets and remains very convincing, both in terms of graphics and gameplay.
From your first steps on Ogame, the ambitions of the game are felt. You are ready to fight for the control of new planets. Your galactic empire, initially modest, will have to develop as you progress through the game. To build up your fleet, you will need a number of resources: metal, crystal and deuterium. These are the three basic resources, plus antimatter. Antimatter is very special because it cannot be produced by the player. He will have to find it during his space exploration, always in small quantities. The reason why this resource is so rare is because it allows the player to take advantage of the game’s paid benefits.
To increase your reserves, you will of course have to build buildings. Several of them provide basic resources continuously, and the higher the level of the building, the faster the production. Each of these infrastructures requires land, which is why your first planet will quickly become clogged. Hence the need to go and fight other players to enlarge your playing field. The goal ofOgame is simple: to reach the top of the online ranking. And to do this, you’ll have to play hard, because the competition is fierce.

War on the march in Ogame

The construction of warships is essential in Ogame. Not only to conquer new territories, but also to defend yourself in case of an attack. The variety of available units is impressive, and it is hard to find better units in this genre for a web browser game. There are three types of units: combat ships, resource ships and defensive forces.
From a graphical point of view, Ogame is sober but really successful. We immediately feel the developers’ desire to immerse the player in a credible galactic universe. The different interfaces are very rich, but also absolutely clear. The tutorial is quite good, but the amount of information to remember is colossal: unfortunately, this forces the player to learn on his own, making him miss out on various facets of the game.
Forging alliances will prove to be crucial in the game. Within the same group, players can obtain different ranks that speak volumes about their importance. Most alliances aim to be versatile in order to last as long as possible. But others are specialised in particular areas of the game, such as attacking planets via frequent raids, or on the contrary, mining resources.

What investment is required?

It will take some time for the player to feel comfortable, this is one of the most controversial points of the game. Finding your rhythm is not easy, as you have to choose your targets at the right time without taking your eyes off the resource production and keeping an eye on your planets. If the game concept is terribly addictive, it can also be gruelling. Indeed, do not expect to progress in the ranking if you only play a few minutes a day.
Ogame ‘s business model works in its favour. It is a free to play game where you can, if you wish, spend real money to obtain specific ranks or bonuses that will make you quickly climb the ranking. Fortunately, nothing is mandatory, and the entire game content is available for free. Even some items that require an investment in euros are quickly found in the game’s auctions, which require resources.

Our conclusion on Ogame

An attractive world, addictive gameplay and concept on the browser: Ogame is a success in many ways. Despite its success, it must be admitted that the community is a bit too fickle, and that it is difficult to stay with the game for very long because of the human investment it requires.

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