Principle and graphics of Imperia

Here is a complete and addictive management and strategy MMO, developed by the Imperia Online Ltd group. Imperia Online can be played on a web browser but also on iOS and Android platforms. The goal of this strategy MMO is extremely simple: The player must demonstrate his power and mark his territory by building his medieval city. The long-term goal is to make his people happy. To do this, the player must design a chain of buildings of all types. How to design your city in Imperia Online? Don’t worry about this question because when you enter the game, you will be given a qualitative tutorial made of a multitude of different steps. The first one will explain how to design primary buildings such as coal mines or lumberjacks’ houses. This is how the gamer will be abletoextract raw materials and start the MMO.

One of the main original features of Imperia Online is the possibility to create a noble dynasty that will lead your army. Thus, in this title, the medieval world is perfectly transcribed by means of qualitative visuals (especially for the constructions), which you will be able to optimize and refine. Moreover, this will be the purpose of the game with a multitude of quests to help you in your actions and especially to optimize the development of your empire. Easy to learn, the free-to-play Imperia game allows for integrated purchases. A word of advice: make sure you are well advanced in the MMO before using them.

Imperia interface and gameplay

As far as the interface and gameplay are concerned, the MMO Imperia offers a simple but devilishly effective content. Indeed on this game, you won’t find any complicated interface to manage and requiring several hours of adaptation. In addition, the tutorial allows you to quickly get used to the different functions, well placed so that you can quickly find what you are looking for. As for the gameplay, it is relatively simple but devilishly effective. Indeed, the buildings are shaped in a fixed location, and can be optimised in the long run. As for the combat, it is classic with the possibility of alliances,espionage and attacks. Finally, you will also be able to choose units among infantry or cavalry in Imperia.

Our conclusion on Imperia

Imperia Online is a must for strategic management. If you manage to keep your people happy, they will owe you through taxes for example and many other means. In the end, thanks to various points such as the management of the city, the people, the armies as well as the possibilityofacquiring land, the MMO Imperia Online is an incredible video game. In short, this game is a must-have for fans of the genre thanks to its graphics, its music and its general concept.

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