Introduction to Elvenar

The game Elvenar takes you into a magical world. Indeed, you can take the role of the administrator of a human city or of elves. With this first choice, you will enter this esoteric world. This MMO is both a strategy and management game. You will have to accumulate resources, conquer new territories, but also help your neighbours. Elvenar is a game by InnoGames, like the titles Grepolis or Forge of Empires. In the world of Elvenar, as we have seen, you will have to choose between two different races. The first race, the elves, are outstanding magicians. They build beautiful spaces and know how to collaborate with other creatures, which allow them to advance in the game. With them, you will meet Ents, they are excellent in wood production, but also Golems, they are catapults on legs. The second race is the humans. Humans gather together to form a community of powerful warriors, passionate about medieval culture. They know how to manage a city efficiently, in order to ensure their survival. Through this race, you will meet many characters: the Paladin, an exceptional warrior or the Priest, the only teacher of mystical energy.

Characteristics of Elvenar

  • Improving your city: As the game progresses, you will need to construct different types of buildings. Indeed, you will have to create residences for the citizens, workshops for the increase of materials or military buildings, to reinforce your combat troops. All these buildings will allow you to improve your city and progress in the game.
  • Exploration: Several exploration points are offered to you, you will have to conquer the provinces in order to obtain them. To do this, you can either negotiate with resources or attack and risk losing your army. Exploration points will grant you valuable relics, allowing you to increase the production of a commodity.
  • Player vs. Player Mode: In addition, you can also compete against other players. However, you can also become friends with them, help each other or form a Brotherhood.

Our conclusion on Elvenar

To conclude, Elvenar is similar to another game from Inno Games: Forge of Empires. Indeed, they both present the same gameplay and are graphically quite similar. Only the universe differs from one world to another. Some players will therefore prefer the magical world of Elvenar. In addition, the game processes take time. Indeed, you only accumulate a few resources that you use with a few clicks. You will quickly get bored unless you spend your premium currency to speed up. However, Elvenar is a quality game, capable of seducing many. So don’t hesitate to download the game thanks to top-mmorpg !

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