Dragon Knight

Overall opinion on the game and its gameplay

Dragon knight, a browser game, has a fantastic universe. So, no need to download it! We strongly recommend this free 2D isometric MMORPG as it will plunge you into a fantastic world where you can meet many incredible creatures.
In short, this game is a mixture of role-playing video game and real-time online strategy game. This free-to-play MMO is especially excellent in terms of gameplay. To summarise, there are two major activities.
First of all, the PVE (player against the environment), is developed with dungeons to discover between players. As for PVP (player against player), the concept is effective and you will have to compete against each other. This way, you can be entered in the general ranking. You can choose between two classes. These are the Knights, with their swords, and the Mages, with their magic.
Finally, a small point that will delight roleplay enthusiasts, you can marry in Dragon knight to develop your character’s story.

The main characteristics of Dragon Knight

  • Visual: The graphics of Chevalier Du Dragon are quite nice, but the large presence of NPC clones (non-player characters) as well as the lack of diversity don’t give the possibility to forget the various limitations of this MMO.
  • Soundtrack: As far as the music is concerned, it’s pretty passable. The sound effects, on the other hand, are sometimes bad and reused without any distinction. Thus, it proves to be very annoying in the long run.
  • Game content and quests: Like other games of the same genre, Dragon Knight has a lot of side activities. There is a wide range of solo and multiplayer modes. Some will be interesting and others much less so. However, the main quest lacks interest and it is ultimately the side quests that make us want to improve our heroes, fight other gamers and make us use divine stones. Indeed, many of the modes require paying stones.
  • Playability: One of the main qualities of Dragon Knight is without question its gameplay. It is extremely simple and intuitive. Thus, it will certainly suit fans of traditional RPGs (role-playing video games). It is essentially based on a classic turn-based concept, where strategy is required.

Our conclusion on Dragon knight

Dragon Knight is in the end a classic game without any real surprise. Indeed, its style and graphics have an air of déjà vu. Style. Moreover, its gameplay is its main strength as it is simple and intuitive.
Combining role-playing video game and real-time strategy game, Dragon Knight integrates an absolutely catastrophic French translation. Thus, only fans of the genre will be able to spend more than a few hours playing it. However, the intuitive gameplay of the game clearly raises its quality.

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